Good Enough Homeschool S1 Ep 17

 Secular Bible Study with Christy Knockleby

“families should have access to the same type of historical critical exploration of the Bible that is taught at university. It’s a perspective that says that the Bible was written by human beings over a long period of time, and it was edited by other humans. The writing itself has a history and scholars can attempt to uncover that history. In looking at the Bible, we’re not just looking at the stories, but also possible explanations for why the stories were written, what ideas are promoted within different stories.”

–Christy Knockleby

Links to referenced organizations, books, and websites:

A Secular Bible Study

Christy Knockleby – Outschool 

an article with an image of a page of the Talmud

National Council for the Social Studies

American Academy of Religion

Guidelines for Teaching about Religion in K–12 Public Schools

Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know

The Works of Lord Byron. Vol. 5 (Cain)

The King’s Mirror (Speculum Regale–Konungs Skuggsjá)

The Project Gutenberg eBook of “The Bacchae”


Digital Hammurabi YouTube Channel


The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary Project

The Edge of the Circle

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