Homeschooling High School (WV specific)

How long do I have to do this?

  • A student must continue to be homeschooled until they reach the compulsory attendance age (currently age 17) or upon completion of grade 12.

What if I want to go back to public school?

  • Since homeschooled parents are not required to deliver the state board approved Content Standards and Objectives, public schools have no obligation to grant credits towards graduation for a home school student who would transfer into a public school. Essentially, you’d be starting where you left off.

What do I need for graduation?

  • West Virginia’s public school children need certain courses in order to graduate. As home educators, we are not bound by those regulations, though you may want to know what they are for reference.

What if I want to go to college?

  • If your child is attending college, you’ll want to see what that college’s entrance requirements are. WVU lists theirs.

What if I want to learn a trade?

  • Many homeschoolers want to attend Vo-Tech centers. 18-8-1 (c) (3) provides that …”Any child receiving home instruction may upon approval of the county board exercise the option to attend any class offered by the county board as the person or persons providing home instruction may consider appropriate subject to normal registration and attendance requirements.”

A homeschool student could request to take a career/technical course offered at the local high school or the county career technical center.  A student would need to request permission from both the county and multi-county administrative council to take a course at a multi-county career/technical center that serves the student’s home county.  A county superintendent cannot approve a homeschool student to take a career/technical course that is offered by a career/technical center in another county.

What about transcripts?

  • The homeschooling parent is responsible for providing a transcript. Transcripts can range from a simple list to complex descriptions.

What about a diploma?

  • The homeschooling parent/guardian is responsible for issuing a diploma, which is legally equivalent to a public school diploma.

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