Curricula Types

WV homeschoolers are generally responsible for buying their own curricula. It doesn’t have to be expensive! Many families design their own curriculum while others purchase a “curriculum-in-a-box” that is complete and ready to use. Some homeschoolers refer to the WV Content Standards and Objectives for their children’s grade levels. Some families use public school textbooks, available for free through your county’s school board. Homeschoolers of all stripes frequently use the Internet and community resources such as libraries and museums.

There are several main approaches (religious as well as secular):

  • school at home – Abeka, BJU, Alpha Omega, Apologia, Calvert, etc
  • unit studies – Konos, Moving Beyond the Page, Trail Guides, etc
  • living books – Heart of Dakota, Charlotte Mason, My Father’s World, Sonlight, Bookshark, etc
  • classical education – Tapestry of Grace, Classical Conversations, Memoria Press, The Well-Trained Mind. etc
  • eclectic – DIY education, created by the parent using individual resources
  • online schools – (not public school at home) G3 Online, Athena’s Advanced Academy, Well-Trained Mind Academy, GHF Online, Abeka, BJU, Switched On Schoolhouse, Easy Peasy, Acellus, etc.

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